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The access to the accredited DIAMOND laboratory is a guarantee of the highest quality of delivered products, giving the customers full satisfaction. The feedback from installers and users as well as the opinions of network planners are valuable sources of information for our design team to improve the existing equipment and design new products.

high performance optical components

We are the manufacturer of a wide range of passive optical products offering various styles of distribution frames from small and medium capacity wall mounted boxes for indoor and outdoor applications through 19-inch patch panels to high capacity stand-alone central office cabinets and access distribution boxes.

As a representative of the Swiss company DIAMOND SA in Poland we manufacture the cable assemblies terminated with top quality connectors manufactured in hybrid ferrule active core alignment technology. All connector components, manufacturing and measuring equipment are supplied by DIAMOND SA.

Diginets Consulting and Qemat Alwasat – new partners of OPTOMER - We are glad to announce that Diginets Consulting and Qemat Alwasat became our new partners for Iraqi market! Diginets Consultancy service is one of the leading independent consultancy on IT solution and telecommunication services. Qemat Alwasat is an Iraqi company that provides communication solutions, information technology and VSAT Services. There are two branches of the ... Read more 16 November 2021
Ocean Group – new partner of OPTOMER - It is our great pleasure to announce that Ocean Group has become our exclusive partner on the United Arab Emirates market! Ocean offers professional project and construction management services targeted to help clients turn their vision into reality, successfully delivering quality projects in the U.A.E. Business contacts were established thanks to cooperation with Marketing & Export ... Read more 15 November 2021
A new feature on the website will help you to get familiar with our pigtails and patchcords range! - Due to the diversified portfolio of fiber optic pigtails and patchcords, we have expanded our website with new functionality – a tool that allows you to specify the product of this category. We sell the highest quality pigtails and patchcords made with monoblock technology. As a manufacturer, we can fulfill orders for almost any product ... Read more 14 September 2021
Twoosk – new partner of OPTOMER - Thanks to the new business cooperation, OPTOMER products are now available for purchase on the Portuguese marketplace Twoosk. Read more about our partnership. Twoosk is an online platform specialised in telecommunications that connect in a smart and efficient way manufacturers’ products with the companies that need them fast. It is also providing professional tools to match ... Read more 30 April 2021
SUMMER SALE – discounted prices for NGO-12, MP-16D and much more! - SUMMER SALE! OPTICAL COMPONENTS at attractive prices! limited availability! READY TO CONNECT NGO-12 OPTICAL WALL OUTLET NGO-12/K/SCA/30/SG657A2/1J/4,0/LFH NGO-12/K/SCA/30/SG657A2/1J/4,0/LFH packed in a disposable cardboard box the kit contains the Fibre Optic Wall Outlet NGO-12 populated with a drop-cable terminated with two connectors SC/APC SM or SC/PC SM the drop cable can either be supplied coiled in ... Read more 2 July 2020
OPTOMER with patent for Fiber Optic Connector Housing! - We are pleased to announce that the innovative fibre optic connector housing developed by our engineers has been patent protected by the Polish Patent Office! Push pull SC connector with divisible housing is the new version of the standard SC connector used in telecommunications technology for multiple fibre optic cable connections and disconnections. The novelty ... Read more 26 May 2020
Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020 - Dear Sir/Madam, We encourage you to complete a survey, aimed at Customer Satisfaction.  Your answers will contribute to raising the level of Optomer service. Thank you in advance for taking part in the survey! Yours sincerely, Optomer Team 29 April 2020
SPRING SALE – discounts for NGO-12, MP-16D and much more! - Check out our new discounted prices for high performance optical components - NGO-12, MP-16D and much more. Limited availability! 10 April 2020
COVID-19 Situation - In connection with the current epidemic situation in Europe, we would like to inform that we are working normally. Our production has not stopped and your orders are being processed. Bearing in mind the health of our employees, customers, and suppliers we decided to introduce some measures to prevent the spread of the disease. To ... Read more 20 March 2020
Certificate of Registration ISO 14001:2015 - ​We are proud to announce BSI Group Poland, a leading global institution dealing with standards creation, positively verified OPTOMER and granted it a Registration Certificate confirming that it operates based on the Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 requirements, in terms of: Production and delivery of fibre optic pigtails and patchcords. Design, production ... Read more 26 November 2019
Platinum Partner of the KIKE Conference and the MiSOT Convention - We are pleased to announce that OPTOMER have become a Platinum Partner of the KIKE Conference and the MiSOT Convention, which will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in Lodz on 18th – 20th November. OPTOMER will also be a partner of the KIKE Film Gala which will close the conference on 19th November. ... Read more 26 November 2019
ANGA COM 2019 – Photo Report - ​From June 4 to June 6, OPTOMER presented its products at the ANGA COM International Fair in Cologne, Germany. This is one of the largest events of this type in Europe, gathering broadband operators, cable tv broadcasters and technological systems suppliers from around the world. At the OPTOMER’s stand, guests could see products such as ... Read more 20 November 2019
The XXIV KIKE Conference – Photo Report - We spent the end of spring in beautiful Bieszczady! From 17th to 19th June OPTOMER visited Hotel Arlamow to attend the XXIV KIKE Conference organised by the National Chamber of Ethernet Communications. The aim of the event was to exchange experience and integrate small medium-sized businesses from the telecommunications industry. The conference was attended by ... Read more 5 November 2019
Photo report from MiŚOT Meeting 2019 - From 13th to 15th May OPTOMER took part in Spring Conference MiŚOT. The purpose of the event organised in Hotel STOK in Wisla was to integrate small and medium telecom operators. The conference was kept in the leading climate of the army and militaries, offered numerous attractions, including competitions for participants, II MiŚoT Race for ... Read more 4 November 2019
Plastic Stop! – OPTOMER reduces plastic - Dear Customers and Business Partners! In OPTOMER, we realise we do not live in a bubble and our actions have a real impact on the environment. That is why, caring about the ecosystem, we have decided to change our current policy and to initiate measures to limit the use of plastic. According to official data ... Read more 25 October 2019


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PSPE Fibre Optic Distribution Box
ZS-500 Mini Cable Fleeting Device


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The certified training courses carried out at Optomer offices are dedicated for telecom, power industry, CATV engineers and installers as well as for the representatives of public administration who need the basic and/or advanced knowledge on fibre optics.





Check OPTOMER product catalogues. We offer connectors and adapters, optical distribution equipment, FTTX and aerial access networks elements and many more.