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With many years of experience OPTOMER provides high quality fibre optic services using the advanced installation methods and modern measuring equipment. We provide comprehensive services timely and reliably.

To provide our clients with the most comprehensive service, we carry out work on the assembly and cabling of optical outlets, closures, distribution boxes and panels according to individual needs.

We offer products equipped with additional components – both those purchased in our company and those provided by the customer.

As part of customer support when selling a new system or technology, we can create a pilot or demonstration network on which we can train in its operation or possible future expansion. We prepare an optical network based on:

– microducts,

– aerial networks,

– FTTH (PON) networks.

Our regular customers have the opportunity to take advantage of additional splicing services and reflectometric measurements of fibre optic networks. We conduct full diagnosis, locate defects and provide advice and assistance in designing new networks based on our solution.

We carry our work using tools such as the FITEL S178 A2 fibre optic splitter or YOKOGAWA AQ7280 reflectometer when measuring on wavelengths of 1310nm, 1550nm and on active line on 1625nm.

When ordering the construction of cable ladders or fibre optic ducts, we provide full support in terms of design, cost estimation, bill of materials and assembly at the investment site.

In addition to our production of fibre optic connectors, we also provide services of assembling optical connectors on the entrusted cable, at the installation site or with customer’s components.

Our experts share their experience and knowledge in the field of fibre optic through specialised training in:

  • fibre optic splicing and measurement,
  • designing of FTTH (PON) passive fibre optic networks,
  • measuring of FTTH (PON) passive fibre optic networks,
  • microduct systems building, technology and installation,
  • aerial network theory, architecture and assembly.

We offer certified trainings and workshops both at OPTOMER’s and at the location provided by the client.

Fibre Optic Training Courses Provided at OPTOMER Offices. The certified training courses carried out at Optomer offices are dedicated for telecom, power industry, CATV engineers and installers as well as for the representatives of public administration who need the basic and/or advanced knowledge on fibre optics.

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    Check OPTOMER product catalogues. We offer connectors and adapters, optical distribution equipment, FTTX and aerial access networks elements and many more.