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Plastic Stop! – OPTOMER reduces plastic

Dear Customers and Business Partners!

In OPTOMER, we realise we do not live in a bubble and our actions have a real impact on the environment. That is why, caring about the ecosystem, we have decided to change our current policy and to initiate measures to limit the use of plastic.

According to official data of the European Commission, plastics account for over 80% of all pollutants in the seas and oceans. Its excessive production and long decomposition process cause this number to constantly grow. It harms the climate and health of the people and animals in the world.

The “Plastic Stop!” action is a natural consequence of OPTOMER’s activities in the field of waste recycling and segregation. In our industry, where special attention is put to the safety and cleanliness of products, the total abandonment of plastic is difficult to achieve. However, we believe, by reducing its use, we will contribute to the promotion of ecological responsibility.

We want to prove, that a gradual departure from plastic does not mean a simultaneous decrease in the quality of offered services. We do not change standards, only measures.

The right way of storing our products and providing them with appropriate transport conditions remain the important value of OPTOMER. We hope that based on your feedback we will develop solutions that will meet the expectations of each of our Clients!

With best regards,