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Our market success depends on the way our customers perceive our productsand services concerning their requirements, expectations and competitors offer.


Continuous meeting the expectations and requirements of our customers, taking into account current standards and technical regulations.

  • Ongoing tracking of technical progress in the field of fiber optics.
  • Distribution of responsibility for quality among each employee, according to the assigned tasks and competences.
  • Regular monitoring of customer satisfaction.
Maintaining and strengthening the position of the supplier of optical cords, fiber optic equipment and services for telecommunications and other recipients, both domestic and foreign.

  • Monitoring customer turnover.
  • Active customer search measured by turnover and the number of domestic and foreign customers.
  • Providing modern equipment for production, quality control and research.
  • Increasing market share in services.

Establishing and improving cooperation with suppliers aimed at obtaining high-quality deliveries.

  • Searching for new suppliers.
  • Maintaining quality parameters of product and service deliveries.

Offering products and services of a high technical level and protecting own technical thought.

  • Systematic control of established production and service quality parameters.
  • Patent protection of innovative solutions in Poland and the European Union.
Developing data protection systems.

  • Creating and developing a Security Policy.
  • Systematic development of security procedures.


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Acting in accordance with the provisions contained in Polish legislation, OPTOMER Meller Rzetelski Sp. j. declares that every effort will be made to prevent manifestations and attempts at corruption and bribery.

OPTOMER apply the principles of integrity and credibility in all its activities. The company conduct business while respecting the highest ethical standards in a transparent and responsible manner.

The company’s anti-corruption policy applies to all its employees, as well as people acting on its behalf, regardless of their place of work and duties.

Corruption and bribery measures are understood as activities when one side offers the second side goods such as money, material or non-material benefits to achieve the intended effect (to award a contract, positive consideration of applications, speeding up the matter or resolving the dispute in its favor, etc.).

OPTOMER anti-corruption policy obliges employees to comply with the following rules:

  • you may not offer or give any contractual or material benefits to contractors, clients, officials or other persons involved in the company’s operations,
  • you may not accept any benefits, valuable gifts, offers or other forms of bribes,
  • it is forbidden to solicit any form of a bribe in its favor, acting on behalf of the company,
  • you must refuse any form of bribe and report the fact of receiving such offer to the immediate superior,
  • you can accept and offer small gifts and company gadgets if you do not suspect that such a gift is a form of applying pressure to make a business decision,
  • guest taking and promotional expenses are justified if they are commensurate with the circumstances and they are an important part of doing business.

The Management Board of the company and the Managerial Staff are required to implement and enforce effective procedures that prevent these practices in the areas of:

  • the purchasing, process, products and services,
  • selection of suppliers or subcontractors,
  • rules of renting facilities or equipment,
  • the employment process,
  • keeping financial books and registers.

Violation of this policy will entail taking disciplinary action against an employee and may constitute grounds for dismissal from the company.


Modern man faces the task of special care for the environment! As we are part of it, we must ensure our actions are friendly to the Earth and its inhabitants.


We, the Management Board and OPTOMER Employees, declare that we will do our best to reduce the harmful impact of our company on the natural environment in all important aspects of our business. We achieve this based on the legal regulations of Community law (European Union), national law and local law and establishing the following objectives.

Educating on ecological awareness through:

  • team training and promotion of energy and raw materials saving;
  • implementation and continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System at OPTOMER;
  • Waste segregation and other activities related to environmental law;
  • information campaigns inside and outside the Company.

Saving energy through:

  • the design and manufacture of energy-saving production machinery and equipment;
  • using energy-saving solutions in the Company.
Reduction of emissions to the atmosphere through:

  • using low-emission cars;
  • promoting “no smoking”.
Saving raw materials and reducing waste through:

  • reusing or processing received packaging;
  • use of two-sided printing/saving;
  • avoiding printing electronic documents;<,li>
  • recycling of paper and plastic packaging;
  • waste segregation.


OPTOMER implements 10 principles of Sustainable Development, committing to protecting human rights, ensuring decent working conditions, caring for the environment, and fighting corruption. By adhering to these principles, the company strives for sustainable development, considering the well-being of both people and the planet.


1. „Supporting and respecting human rights accepted by the international community”

2. „Working conditions based on the Labour Code”

3. „The company allow associating employees in the form of trade union groups”

4. „Elimination of all forms of forced labour thanks to the compliance with the Labour Code”

5. „The company does not employ and have never employed children”

6. „Effective prevention of discrimination in the sphere of employment”

7. „As part of its preventive activities for the environment, OPTOMER implement the environmental management according to ISO 14001”.
Undertaking initiatives aimed at promoting the attitudes of ecological responsibility”

8. „Undertaking initiatives aimed at promoting the attitudes of ecological responsibility”

9. „Using eco-friendly technologies for many years”

10. „Anti-corruption policy, introduced in 2018, regulating fair trade standards”


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