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Are fibre optic networks safe?

With the growing demand for access to broadband Internet, optical fibre is becoming a widely used information carrier. Still, many people are asking themselves: are fibre optic networks safe?

In Poland, as well as around the world, FTTH technology, i.e. providing broadband services to the end user with the help of fibre optics, is becoming more and more popular. These types of optical access networks are emerging globally and serving millions of satisfied users. In regions where FTTH technologies are just beginning to appear, there may be doubts about the safety of installations being made.

All telecommunication companies and all fibre optic equipment manufacturers take user safety very seriously. Numerous international research and standardisation organisations stand guard over the protection of human health and safety. Polish standards for the design of fibre optic indoor networks are in line with European standards, and Polish low sets the same safety requirements for all media, including fibre.

Optical fibre and health

The safety of residents, e.g. a single-family housing estate, on which optical fibre was introduced, is not threatened by FTTH technology. There are no scientifically documented cases of health or life exposure as a result of installing fibre optic networks in a residential building. There are also no premises indicating the need for additional research and analysis of this issue.

The above considerations completely omit the threat that may arise in the event of improper network elements installation. Therefore, it is the risk related to inadequate protection of the installation at the time of its implementation, which is not the result of the very nature of the network, but the method of assembly and selection of appropriate components. Therefore, it is important to use the highest quality products from reliable manufacturers to build the network.

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